Our Story

iGoCycling is an innovative new site created out of necessity by cyclists for cyclists. During the past few years, our team has struggled to locate and plan our biking season. We enjoy participating in five or more organized events which span the United States. With the exception of visiting Google to search events in various states or going to websites that are diluted with a myriad of sports, there is a severe void for cyclists who want to plot out their riding season. Before IGC, there was no website completely dedicated to road cycling for this very purpose.

Your IGC Team has created a place to connect the cycling community in one location where riders can find a comprehensive list of nationally organized events as well as small local outings. iGoCycling members will have the ability to search, register for, or save rides they are interested in to greatly assist in planning their cycling season.

iGoCycling also provides online race registration to help support any cycling event from 10 to 10,000 participants. Whether you are hosting an intimate ride composed of family and friends, metric century, century or multi day event, we offer solutions to help you drive registrations, engage more participants, and generate additional revenue. From a cyclist and event perspective, our fee per registration is below average and we help support communities by donating a portion of each registration back to your favorite cycling organization or charity. We are not a call center or a group of corporate executives; we are cyclists dedicated to bringing you “best in class” service.

In addition, we are also excited to announce another unique aspect of our website - iGoLocal. iGoCycling has built in the ability for members to locate and/or create a local ride to invite other members to join you for training or simply to spend the day on the road with friends.

We are confident that once you explore iGoCycling.com and see the simplicity, yet depth of our site, you will agree that iGoCycling.com will become your go-to source for organizing your season.

With your help, we will continue to build and enhance this website for all cyclists to enjoy. As fellow cycling enthusiasts, we value your opinion. If you have feedback, positive or negative, we want to know. Please send all comments to: jim@iGoCycling.com

Wishing you the best for an outstanding 2019 cycling season and beyond.

Be safe,
iGoCycling Team

Our Team

Jim Gale - Founder and CEO

I hope you are enjoying the site. I started cycling in 2013 due to injuries from running and quickly found my new passion and learned instantly to clip out before the stop sign! I would describe myself as a recreational cyclist and weekend warrior. My biggest accomplishment to date is completing the Triple Bypass without falling apart.
Feel free to email me directly with any comments regarding the website, I would love to hear from you. Be safe and I hope to see you out there!

Jason Knievel - Creative Director

Growing up I always enjoyed riding bikes. Of course, back then I was cruising the neighborhood on my Evel Knievel bike looking for something to jump over. I still enjoy hitting the trails and getting dirty on my mountain bike from time to time but I haven’t taken up road cycling yet. I’m usually too busy designing and planning websites like this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Tom Gale - President

My enjoyment of cycling began five years ago when I had to give up running because of hip pain. I consider myself an above average cyclist with a fear of mountains. As a good friend once said, “The beauty of cycling is that it never gets easier you just go faster”. I enjoy that challenge with every new ride. The adrenaline rush comes from beating your own personal best time or finally cresting that once impossible hill. My best accomplishment to date is finishing the Total 200 ride in DC. I look forward to building this site and linking riders of all levels in order to make riding more enjoyable and safer for all. Be safe.